Welcome to the All-Court Tennis Site!

We are a Monday-Friday sports clinic. We are a function like a traditional summer (outdoor) sports camp for six weeks of the 2019 season. Details and forms are available through the REGISTRATION FORMS tab above. For the summer of 2019 we will return with many of the fun and favored methods for teaching tennis in a creative and effective way.  We are also continuing to innovate and respond to the “best practices” trends in teaching this rewarding life-sport. We follow the “QuickStart”  tennis method whenever appropriate. We use smaller courts, lower nets, and low-bounce balls at the younger ages to make rallies longer, learning faster, and smiles much bigger.  See why tennis may be the BEST first sport for any child–and I’m speaking as a varsity soccer and volleyball coach–and  tennis coach. All-Court has always had a “family feel” to it as Eric’s five children have all worked at camp over the years. A new generation of talented Pingree players are continuing this tradition.

All-Court Tennis strives to provide child-friendly, age-appropriate instruction.  Each day is unique, often with a specific theme—e.g. “Backhands,” in which a stroke is broken down into its essential parts and taught as a simple sequence. Players practice each component, and then assemble these parts back into a complete movement.  Teaching activities are varied, focused, and fun—often utilizing a mix of small court games, quick drills, and slightly silly “special events.”  With small teaching groups we are able to tailor what we teach to match the interests of most campers.