June 24th – 28th

July 8th – 11th

July 15th – 18th

July 22th – 25th

July 29th – Aug 2nd

**Daily sessions are subject to cancellation due to poor weather conditions**

Full-Day Clinic

Ages: 6-15 (Some 5-year-olds, often attending with a sibling and with prior approval have been very successful in all-day programs in the past—call to inquire).

Time:    8:30am – 3:30pm                 Monday-Thursday

Tuition:  $350 ($20 less for early payment in full and/or $20 less for each sibling/carpool friend/follow-on week.)

Our full-day option offers the chance to play more tennis, make rapid progress, and give greater depth to their game.  A variety of activities are added to the morning program to keep interest levels high.  There is often the opportunity for 1-on-1 time with a coach, or the chance to play a longer game, or even develop some match-play experience.  (Just as the half-day isn’t simply for beginners or younger players, the full-day isn’t only for older players with experience.  Full-day camp can be perfect for any player—if they are motivated.

1/2 Day Clinic

Ages: 6 -15 (5-year-olds with prior approval are welcome too).

Time:    (Morning Session) 8:30am – 12:00pm,  Monday-Thursday

Tuition:     $250   ($20 less for early payment in full and/or less $20 for each sibling/carpool friend/follow-on week.)

Children typically learn tennis best in an immersion program that teaches good fundamentals through daily contact and reinforcement.  Our half-day camp provides this steady instruction—yet is short enough, and varied enough, to hold the attention of even the youngest campers.  However, the half-day program is not just for the young—older campers who are beginners, or veterans who want to keep their afternoons open, are also frequent participants, and enjoy having this option. (We generally have good success forming small teaching groups based on age, gender, and level of play from the ranks of these players.)


Morning Session:  9:30 -11:30 with snack-break at 10:20. Monday-Thursday

Tuition: $225 ($20 less for early payment in full and/or less $20 for each sibling/carpool friend/follow-on week.)

“Tennis-4-Tots” (ages 3-6) is designed to get the youngest of the summer campers up, out, and active—and having a blast.  The sessions run daily from 10am – noon, Tues- Thursday.  Parents can opt for between 2 – 4 days per week. Tots must be signed up with a sibling or car-pool friend–or you can allow us to look for a compatible partner. (We will have one coach and one CIT, for each small group).  Call Eric at 857-753-6557 for details.  They do NOT need the usual health forms but DO need the medical release found on our Registration Form.

The two-hour sessions will be lively, fun-filled, and appropriate for this age.  An age-appropriate staff member (Typically a college graduate or older, with prior experience teaching the youngest campers) and enough extra staff (CIT’s, we salute you!) to assist will keep the mix of teachers-to-tots at a 1:2 ratio or better.  Oversized rackets and balls, and undersized nets and courts make for success.  Emphasis will be on enjoying the activity, hand-eye co-ordination, and tennis fun-damentals. We have many age-related skills and simple games.  There will be no competitive play between tots.

Morning Session: 8:30am-10:30am Monday-Thursday

Afternoon Session: 1:00pm-3:00pm Monday-Thursday

Tuition: $285 per week

For participants older than 8th grade, we provide 1-on-1 lessons and training. 1-on-1 sessions last for 2 hours and focus on technique and match skills to prepare you for high school and club seasons. Whether that means correcting service motion, working on topspin, or increasing power on groundstrokes and volleys, our instructors cater sessions to each participant and focus on developing an overall solid and effective game. Our goal is to have participants leave each session feeling more confident about their tennis game and with an easy and efficient strategy for winning matches.

1-on-1 Training